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Robert J. Siclari, REPA, CEI

SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: A proven leader and team player with over twenty years experience in environmental project management, with particular emphasis on environmental site assessments, environmental risk assessments (pollution liability insurance - EIL), compliance audits and site remediation projects for commercial and industrial properties. Experience includes business development, supervisory skills, training program development, and expert witness services.
EXPERIENCE HISTORY: Principal - Site Assessment Engineering, Inc., 1990 - present
Environmental Consultant - Self-employed, 1988 - 1990
Special Consultant - Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, Inc., 1987 - 1988
Program Manager - Syscon Corporation, 1985 - 1986
Project Manager - Systems and Applied Science Corporation, 1983 - 1985
Project Manager - VSE Corporation, 1982 - 1983
Environmental Engineer - Battelle Memorial Institute, 1980 - 1982
REGISTRATIONS / CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI) # 6171 - Environmental Assessment Association, Scottsdale, AZ 1990
Certified Construction Inspector (CCI) - Association of Construction Inspectors (ACI), San Francisco, CA 1992
Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA) # 1089
EPA-Certified Asbestos Building Inspector (AHERA) - Hazardous Materials Institute, Findlay, Ohio, 1990
40-Hour Hazwoper Certified - Tampa, FL 2000
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Marine/Environmental Science, Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey, 1977
Master of Science, Oceanography, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Marine Pollution Control, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, 1978 - 1980
Environmental Engineering, Corrosion/Cathodic Protection, Spill Prevention, West Virginia University, 1983
PROJECT EXPERIENCE: Project Management and Business Development
A powerful strategic 'can do' thinker with solid interpersonal skills and well-rounded expertise who can successfully address a variety of initiatives. Proven ability to assemble, foster, mentor, and motivate cohesive and dynamic teams. Exceptional business insight for identifying and utilizing state of the art techniques (i.e., momentum marketing), to attract and retain clients. Intelligent and adaptable - defines the parameters, identifies the resources, and implements practical solutions under time-critical conditions.

Construction Oversight - Site Remediation - Groundwater Treatment Systems
Supervised subcontractors and personnel conducting installation of groundwater monitoring/recovery wells, and multi-phase extraction (MPE) systems, at petroleum service stations across the USA. Supervised projects from proposal through final site restoration.

Provided construction oversight for a multi-million dollar groundwater treatment system in Tampa, Florida. This project involved close supervision of numerous subcontractors installing Surficial and Floridan Rayox treatment systems (i.e., reactors, tanks, piping, valves, pumps, stripping towers, and groundwater recovery wells).

Environmental Risk Assessments - Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Insurance
Conducted over 100 environmental risk assessments for facilities in nearly every major category of industrial, manufacturing and waste handling operation throughout the USA and Australia for EIL insurance coverage. The majority of these investigations were performed for American International Group (AIG), New York, NY.

Environmental Compliance Audits
Performed numerous audits of facilities across the USA to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and to identify potential exposures, hazardous conditions and inadequate training that could result in violations. The result of these audits provided significant cost savings for clients.

Phase I/II/III Environmental Site Assessments
Conducted over 200 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) of properties ranging from undeveloped land to complex industrial facilities, as part of due diligence for major lending institutions and private clients. Phase II ESAs involved the sampling and analysis of soil (split-spoon and auger), soil-gas and groundwater (monitoring/recovery wells), lead-based paint, asbestos, air monitoring, etc. Phase III ESAs involved writing/reviewing Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and Corrective Action Reports (CARs), and supervising site remediation.

Maintenance Dredging
Supervised a maintenance dredging project for the City of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Primary liaison between the City of Tarpon Springs, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the dredging contractor, and various regulatory agencies throughout the project. Approximately, 58,000 cubic yards of dredged material from the Anclote River was pumped through 8,000 feet of floating, submerged and over land 18-inch pipeline into a diked upland disposal area. The project ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months.

EPA Training Program Development
Developed and wrote a health & safety manual and training course for the EPA to instruct field personnel on the accidental injury exposures associated with the detection, testing, closure and removal of underground storage tanks (USTs).

Trained personnel in the performance of environmental compliance audits (CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, CAA, etc.) for EPA laboratories, research facilities and research vessels under an EPA Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA).

U.S. Navy Contracting (Crystal City, VA)
Co-developed and instructed the "Shipboard Hazardous Material/Waste Management Course" taught to U.S. Navy personnel throughout 26 locations in the USA. Curriculum included: inventory, collection, storage, supply labeling and handling procedures, marine pollution control, maritime law, and spill prevention and contingency plans (SPCC).

Managed professionals in the performance of ocean, marine and environmental engineering projects for the U.S. Navy. Key customer interface with OPNAV, NAVSEA, NAVFAC, NAVAIR and their support organizations. Provided procurement and documentation supporting U.S. Navy's Fleet Mooring Maintenance (FMM) program.

FAA Regulation Development
Developed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations (Orders) for industrial pollution control requirements for the quality of air, water and land resources to include: use of PCBs in the National Airspace System, and an FAA underground storage tank (UST) policy, which included the classification and management of over 3,000 USTs nationwide.
PUBLICATIONS: Sea Surface Thermal Characteristics in the Vicinity of Southern California's Channel Islands, (1978), Dept. of Oceanography NPGS.

Fuel Conservation by the Application of Spill Prevention and Fail-safe Engineering, (1981) US/DOE/TIC-11470.

Combustion: An Oil Spill Mitigation Tool, Phase II - The Burning of the M/T BURMAH AGATE (EX-DANALAND), (1981), US/DOE/TIC-11471

Hazardous Materials Spill Prevention by Enhanced Security Techniques, (1982), Ha. Mat. Spills Conf. Milwaukee, WS, April.

Spill Prevention and Fail-safe Engineering for Petroleum and Related Products, (1983), Noyes Data Corporation, Park Ridge, NJ.

Electrolytic/Electroless Nickel Coatings for Catapult Systems, (1984), Military Standard DOD-STD-XX65, Washington, D.C.

Hazardous Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures: Procedures for Safe Material Handling, (1985), Government Institutes, Rockville, MD.
PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP), 1990.
Environmental Assessment Association (EAA), 1991.
Listed in "Who's Who in the East", 20th Edition.


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