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Contracted work is usually completed within five (5) business days. Two copies of a final, bound report are always hand-delivered to our clients and reviewed in entirety.

  • Asbestos Abatement (residential and commercial)
  • Compliance Audits (project experience)
  • Environmental Investigations for undeveloped land, office/retail, commercial & industrial properties
  • Maintenance Dredging (project experience)
  • Groundwater Treatment System Installation (project experience)
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing (mold,etc.)
  • Lead-Based Paint Surveys
  • Phase I Limited and Full (ASTM E 1527) Environmental Site Assessments (project experience)
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments - sampling/testing, asbestos, lead-based paint, radon, drilling on-site for soil, soil-gas, water, groundwater, wells, etc.
  • Risk Assessments (project experience)
  • Soil Sampling (OVA screening at site - fuel contamination)
  • TPH/BTEX Analysis
  • Training Program Development (project experience)
  • Site Cleanup - soil removal and recycling, drums, trash, etc.
  • Transaction Screen Process (ASTM E 1528)

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